Card Now

Business card magic

Hand your business card out in a memorable way!

How often do you hand out your business card and never hear from the person again? How many of your cards end up in the back of someone's draw? Or worse, in the trash!

There is an alternative. With Card Now, not only will you be remembered, you and your business card will be talked about! Your new contact will delight in telling their friends about what just happened. An amazing moment of magic that produced your business card from a phone!

What happens exactly?

An image of your business card magically appears on your iPhone screen. As you shake the phone around, the card appears to be an object that's trapped inside the phone, underneath the screen. You can touch the screen and move your business card around. To finish you TAKE THIS VIRTUAL BUSINESS CARD OUT OF YOUR PHONE and into the physical world! Then hand it out to your astonished new contact.

Easy to setup

Card now is quick to set up in three easy steps. Simply photograph your business card within the app, crop it and scale it to the right size.

1. Take photo

2. Crop

3. Scale card

Revelation methods

There are four different revelation methods that can be used to produce your business card.


Turn your phone into a business card printer.

Icon flip

The home icons will flip and morph into your business card.


Use your finger to paint a blank business card into yours.

Morph & Connect

Take a picture of another persons business card and make it appear in your phone. Then make it morph into your business card which can be pulled out.